Computer Addict, Co-Owner of SuccLimited.
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Who Am I?

I am LordBonzi.
I'm your average geek, Studying Computer Science for my GCSE's

What do I do?


I prefer to code in JS and I am learning C# as part of my Computer Science GCSE

SysAdmin for my "Company" SuccLimited

I look after a few VPS's, Some that I own, And some that other people own.

Rebuild/Teardown computers

I find it a nice pass time as it helps me fully understand the inner workings of the devices of which most of us depend on in our everyday lives.

Mess around with Linux.

As part of my "Job" at SuccLimited, I use linux regularly as that's what all our VPS's run on. I also use it on my computers most of the time.

Write blog posts

In my spare time I sometimes blog about random techy things

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